Lashfully Natural

by Stephanie Tsai

We here love all things natural - especially beauty products. It's not to say we don't try everything. But when our JB Cosmetics client told us they were launching THE WORLD'S FIRST Ecocert Certified Lash Enhancer, we were very intrigued. 

 LashFood Phyto-Medic Lash (and Brow) Enhancer (launching at Sephora this month) is the natural alternative to Latisse/RevitaLash. You get stronger, longer, darker lashes in just 4 weeks - AND without the side effects (and FDA backlash).

 LashFood also has a number of smudge/water proof mascaras and eyeliners that work wonders as well.

Check back with us in 4 weeks - we'll be happy to show off our new lashes.

Meet Christa Milster

by Stephanie Tsai

beauty expert in the making

beauty expert in the making

Here's one of the stars that makes Ink & Press great...

Name, Role/Title: Christa Milster, Assistant Account Executive, Executer of Everything

The Basics:  Grew up in the Mitten (that's Michigan for all you Angelenos). I use my hand to show people where I'm from. Photography (Lauren Greenfield Studio) and editorial (C Magazine) background. I also worked at Sugar Paper, a gorgeous paper goods store in LA.

Why PR: I love the challenge of getting our clients coverage. Meeting new people, traveling, and discovering new products and services. Most of all, I'm a storyteller - I love having the news before it's even news and knowing it's up to me to tell the story.

Favorite Weekend Activity: Being outdoors. Sometimes that means hiking. Other times it's drinking mimosas on patios.

Favorite Designer: Elie Saab. Simply ethereal.

Favorite Place for Cocktails: The Penthouse at the Huntley Hotel for the panoramic ocean views at sunset.

Beauty Must-Have:  I'm addicted to classic ChapStick. But I also currently love Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment.

Note: Christa is obsessed with Pinterest. Check out her pins here.


The PR Intern Perspective

by Stephanie Tsai

We were thrilled to welcome Ariel Holcomb to our team as a new Fall/Spring intern. Originally from Seattle, Ariel is a marketing major at Loyola Marymount University and boasts excellent prior internships at Good Housekeeping Institute in NYC and Anthropologie. We asked her to write up her "first impressions" of PR (after only a week!), and here is what she came up with.

internship, public relations, intern

An Intern’s Perspective to PR 

Last week I became the newest member of Ink & Press as Public Relations intern! I am extremely excited to learn more about PR. Here are a few tid bits I have learned so far.

1. PR involved A LOT of connections. You want the public to know about the newest and coolest brand your firm is representing. The more magazines, broadcast channels, and social media outlets you can reach out to, the more people become aware of the brand. The philosophy is pretty simple, but the execution is much more difficult. It takes a lot of networking! 

2. PR requires being observant. I was given an assignment on Wednesday to watch daily talk shows and observe the time, content, and mannerisms of the hosts. Why? To get a feel for what the show was looking for. Where consumers find information is always changing. Blogs, for example, have become a huge resource for PR agencies. They are the new expert columnists that are more relatable to the average person, then say Martha Stewart.

3. In PR sometimes you’ve got to play hostess. Quite literally too. At events you want to make sure that all the attention is on the fantastic product or service you’re representing and the person who is going to talk about it. Therefore, you want to eliminate all other factors that may get in the way of that. Plus, lets be real, everyone enjoys himself or herself a little more with a glass of bubbly in hand.

That’s what I’ve got so far. I cannot wait to learn more! 

If you have any questions for Ariel, feel free to email her at

Introducing the NEW Ink & Press Blog

by Stephanie Tsai

Welcome to the NEW Ink & Press blog. We have a team of contributors who are passionate about beauty, babies, fashion, style and anything you might find on a well-edited Pinterest page. Stay tune for more posts and updates in the near future. 

perfume bottles on a vanity

perfume bottles on a vanity