Random Notes: Celebrity Bodyguards

by Stephanie Tsai

Hiring security teams is an event element that often gets delegated to the last minute. At some of our past events,  I had the pleasure of chatting with some of these guards and found their lives and backgrounds fascinating.

Here is a sneak peak at a "day in the life" of a security guard from GuardNow Security Services, a company that provides on-demand security guard services - for anyone. Examples they give are: elderly parent afraid to be alone in a dangerous neighborhood, a wedding or party, to investment protections - pretty much any reason you need a bodyguard, GuardNow will provide you with a team. 

The Bodyguard movie

What does it mean to be a celebrity bodyguard?

Doing security for celebrities is very exciting, but tense and stressful at the same time. To be a celebrity bodyguard means that your job is to protect and safeguard a person who may be popular and need protection.

What do you do and what are your responsibilities?

guardNOW provides close protection to our celebrity clientele, and any other person of interest who need to be protected. Whether they be local or foreign celebrities, especially in Los Angeles or New York, or foreign dignitaries needing protection, we make sure that they mitigate any risk they may have from stalkers, people who may not like them, or crazed fans willing to do anything to get close to dream superstar. Whether the client needs to be protected at a red carpet event, sponsorship opportunity, or at home our guards stay with them and become their eyes and ears to make sure they are safe.

What's the craziest experience you've ever had or the weirdest thing you've had to do?

We were doing security for a B list celebrity at a time when they had said something to offend [a specific] community [of people]. We were going to an event when several people started picketing the red carpet. When the celebrity began to walk the step and repeat, the picketers began to rush the carpet to which we had to quickly jump in and escort out the celebrity before they could get attacked. Two guards stopped the crashers and one rushed the celebrity out. It was intense with a high likelihood of something happening.

Tell us about a typical day for a celeb bodyguard?

Most days are pretty relaxed. Most of time we are on call so when the celebrity needs us they contact us. For the most part they try to live a low profile lifestyle. When going with a client depending on the event we may have just one person escorting the celebrity or we may have a vehicle full of guards. We are always aware of our surroundings and always do just site walk through before walking a client through any venue. At the end of our usually long days we either stay with the client or the guards go home.  

Hardest part of the job

Hours can sometimes be very long. You might go 24-48 hours without sleep in high risk situations where someone may be threatening our clients.

Best part of the job

The job never gets boring when dealing with celebrities. When they are shopping, dining at a restaurant, or sleeping at home we always have to be alert and make sure everything is safe.

3 things that general people might not know about the job of being a celeb bodyguard

Long hours

Very intense

Most clients are very nice and want to give their fans love.

3 tips for regular Joe schmoe's on how to stay safe in crowds or just on the streets

Keep alert

Don’t linger and focus on just one thing - be aware of your surroundings

Always have an escape plan or route. You never know when something potentially horrible can happen.