Brand we love: MIYU Beauty

by Stephanie Tsai

Being publicists ourselves, it's not often that we get a pitch that excites us. Most of them go into a "bad pitch" file for training purposes (or tweeting) tee hee.

But MIYU Teas & Beauty's intro caught our eye because the layout was just easy on the eyes - simple, pretty and not a ton of useless copy. When the  product samples arrived, we were even more impressed.

Most indie start-up brands don't have a ton of money to create custom packaging, but there are creative ways to elevate brand affordably. And MIYU gets it. Check out the pics. Très Anthro approprié, n'est-ce pas?

Besides gorgeous packaging, we love anything that's truly good for us. MIYU believes that outer beauty is a reflection of beauty from within. Glowing, beautiful skin comes from being healthy on the inside. Each of MIYU’s beauty tea ingredients have been carefully curated for skin-enhancing antioxidant benefit. We actually enjoyed the taste of the herbal blend in the De-Stress Mi Beauty.

And their beauty essences aren't just some fancy concoction of H2O. They're loaded with good-for-you, rich nutrients, so it works like a serum but feels like a mist. The De-Stress Mi Beauty Mist imparts a nice minty fragrance with a subtle tingly effect on skin. We douse ourselves with it multiple times a day (destress destress destress).

The founder of MIYU beauty developed her scientific formulation skills in NYC, the beauty capital of the world, working with top spa brands. Taking her experience and personal experience of living in NYC, also the stress capital of the world, she created MIYU to be a simple, healthy beauty solution. 

We love everything about this brand and look forward to seeing more good things from them.

MIYU De-Stress Mi Pairing

MIYU De-Stress Mi Pairing

The sample delivery