Insta-Coffee Beauty

by Stephanie Tsai

Guest post by Maral Hasanzadeh

Melbourne based communications agency, Willow and Blake has given their latest client a social personality that truly connects.  The product itself is quite good, but its the branding and social media presence that makes an impression (and contributes to sales). Frank’s Coffee Scrub is a body scrub packed with oils, minerals and antioxidants to not only moisturize, but to treat troubled areas such as stretch marks, psoriasis and acne. 

They took the brand name, personified it and transformed it into a "hot" adjective - establishing an immediate connection with its target audience through sexy Instagram visuals and clever copy. The hipster-appropriate packaging also adds to the brand image.

Frank's social media presence has garnered over 320k followers on Instagram, and has become an international sensation for those in-the-know.  Eager users upload their moments with Frank for a chance to be featured on the account. When you have a plethora of beautiful men and women flooding Frank’s feed with sultry poses and intimate backdrops, it's no wonder that everyone wants in on this unisex product.