It's been a while... And the latest in K Beauty

by Stephanie Tsai

1.25 years after baby, I'm finally ready to revisit this blog. As a mom of TWO boys, I now approach life with a total focus on chaos & time management, deep sleep (earplugs) and a renewed dedication to self care. 

First up, this BLOG will get some new editorial love. I'm envisioning guest contributors, expert interviews, lots of insights on the intersection of beauty, lifestyle and PR. OR I could just think about these things while getting more sleep. Either way, I'm here now. 

This little pitch caught my eye today: Gold medal snowboarder Chloe Kim has now signed on as the North American Ambassador for LANEIGE, one of the leading Korean beauty lines that's also sold at Target. 

Influencer marketing is a buzzword that's getting a little stale. Used effectively, it can take little known brands out of obscurity. And if a brand gets lucky, selling out of inventory is also a possibility. But most of the time I wonder if the brands will ever recup their investment in sales. Branding aside, strategic alignments seem most impactful when multiple (or most) of the top influencers in the category are all #spon and posting about the same thing. The value of influencer alignments is mostly in awareness over actual sales (with a few exceptions, of course).

As for Chloe - I do love this partnership. She's a leader in her field. She's young. She's of Korean descent, but the leading AMERICAN athlete in her class, and her Instagram is well-edited. She's on the radar of Asian Americans, and millennials in general, and she's breaking down barriers.

Asian. Female. Snowboarder. And accessible.

Good job, LANEIGE. Looking forward to hearing more about the social media program that's at the heart of this partnership.